100 Portraits. 100 Strangers

I have decided to do a personal  project to  photograph 100 Strangers.

This will give me experience in approaching  strangers, producing good quality interesting portraits  in restricted circumstances  and  establishing a rapport with the subject.

This project appeals to me as it will hopefully push me outside my comfort zone in quite a few ways.  Approaching strangers and trying to capture some aspect of their personality in a short space of time , appeals.  The  organisation needed to have the shoot relaxed and keep the key information should be  a challenge for me. (;-) And not least , whether i will have the tenacity to complete the project and keep a high standard of input.

In addition to  the 100 Strangers rules,  I have added a few of my own

So here are the rules I  intend to abide by :

  1. One stranger a day
  2. No Candid Shots
  3. Picture must be with consent of the subject
  4. No kids,  inanimate objects or pets ( aka the obvious )
  5. Provide a description containing the following :
    1. The first name of the person
    2. The number of the subject you have photographed.
    3. Who is he/she?
    4. How did we meet?
    5. What prop appealed to the subject?
    6. what is their favourite hobby?
    7. Photographic technique
    8. My approach                            (optional)
    9. Observations/comments      (optional)

You can see the group  here.

Crisis? What Crisis?

Crisis? What Crisis?

“Spend my days in ultraviolet rays,

fun, fun , fun, In the sun , sun, sun ”


A warning to the dangers of sunbathing – dont do it on a railway line.

yup thats the message.  I’m sure it was.


Shot in available light , and ok . we wern’t as brave as it seems some photoshopping was involved . (;-)

Ice on Fire

Ice on Fire

“I saw her last night at a reception, A glass of wine in her hand

I knew she would meet her connection , at her feet was a footloose man”


Lastolite Softbox.



Maid of Orleans



“If Joan of Arc had a heart,

Would she give it as a gift to such as me?”


Slightly manipulated, As I started playing with the pic, it just got better and better

Lorna is an excellent model which of course  makes the whole thing much much easier. (;-)